Is It Safe To Have Sex During Pregnancy?

Here’s the short answer, Yes, it is safe to have sex when pregnant. Some do it till they have contractions. However, many parents are found to have a fear of this. Thankfully, research has revealed that sex has benefits, both physical and psychological.

Best sexual positions to practice during pregnancy

Woman on top: Most expectant mothers prefer this style as it never exerts no weight nor pressure on their abdomen. Also, it is the woman to control the penetration depth.

Lying side by side in spoon style: Unlike missionary where the man will put all the weight on the woman, this position allows the weight to be on the bed. The penetration here is shallow but very ideal in stimulating the clitoris.

Woman sitting on top of the man: This assures that the belly is safe from any pressure, and that the woman is in control of the depth penetration. Also, couples can do some kissing and caressing with this position. Other positions can include making love while standing.

Will orgasm during sex trigger contractions or a miscarriage?

When the pregnancy is normal and at an early stage, sex cannot trigger contractions. The contractions felt during sex differ from the ones of labor. If the woman is not sure if she has a low-risk pregnancy, it is suggested that they ask a specialist.

Practice safe sex to prevent contracting STD’s

STD’s, or sexually transmitted diseases, are contracted if you have sex with an infected person. Contracting them can be very dangerous to the unborn baby. Ensure you practice safe sex to avoid such diseases. Also, remember to use a condom for prevention.

Never blow air into the pregnant woman’s vagina

When performing oral sex, the genitals and the mouth are involved. If a man blows air into the vagina, chances are that an air embolism can form in that the bubble can be able to travel all the way to the lung and block a blood vessel.

Avoid anal sex

Generally, the anus contains numerous bacteria. So, if you have anal sex and then vaginal sex, you probably would have taken the bacteria from the anus and deposited them in the vagina. This will cause an infection which will be dangerous to both the woman and the unborn child.

Can sex harm the unborn child?

No! Making love during pregnancy will not affect the child in any way. This is because there is a thick plug of mucus which seals the cervix and has the function of protecting the unborn against harm. Apart from the mucus, the amniotic sac also protects the baby.

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