Sexual Harassment

Working for London escorts is not the only thing that I do for a living. A couple of months back, I trained to be a nail technician. I felt that I needed to have something to fall back on if I ever left charlotte escorts. To get some experience, I got a job on in a London nail bar on my Saturdays off from London escorts. It seemed like such a nice play, but now I am beginning to wonder what is going on. Not all of the girls who work in the bar are very happy, and when I tried to speak to them, they mainly clam up. I think that it might have something to do with the woman who runs the place.

She is one of these very touchy feely people, and seems to be forever making an excuse to have a personal chat to you. I don’t mind her being friendly with me, but she seems to be always fishing for information. So far, I have not been dragged into telling her about London escorts. I have told her that I work in a call center during the week, and she seems to believe me. Telling her about London escorts may just put the cat among the pigeons. Having experience from working at London escorts has helped me a lot. It has given me a good “feel” for people and I am sure that our boss is bisexual. There is not a problem with that at all, but I am not keen on the way she touches me. She is forever brushing past my breasts, and making little comments like” Oh, they felt hard”. I know that she is referring to my nipples.

If she is doing that to me, I am sure that she does it to the other girls. Fortunately, London escorts has taught me a thing or two about people like her.I am not sure what she does to the other girls, but I can clearly tell she flirts with them. Sure, flirting is pretty harmless, and I do it all of the time at London escorts. But, should your boss be flirting with you? I am not sure about that, and this lady certainly makes me feel a little bit awkward. The rest of the girls have made a few remarks, and I know the boss makes them feel weird at times. I can understand that, but it is up to them have they handle it. Do I think that we are being sexually harassed?

I do think that we are, and if the boss took it one step further with me, I would say something to her. I know that a lot of bisexual people, or lesbians, find it very hard to come out. Many of the girls at London escorts who have struggled with their sexuality often talk about how difficult it can be. Maybe this lady is “confused”. Well, she would not be the first, and I think that the London LGBT community should perhaps make it easier for people like her to get in touch.

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